About Us

Foster Bikes was founded by two Kamiak High School students, Keith and Carolyn van der Meulen who spent much of their childhood riding through their neighborhood with friends on
bicycles. The inspiration for Foster Bikes came when they realized how many of their happiest memories included the times spent with their friends riding around the neighborhood and to school. Recognizing that not all children had access to bicycles and those children would never have memories of biking with friends, Carolyn and Keith wondered, “What if every child had a bike?” In that “what if” moment, Foster Bikes began.


Foster Bikes is currently working on achieving 501(c)3 non-profit status, and we hope to raise enough money to help pay for the application to get the non-profit status.  Please donate to help us attain this goal.

Foster Bikes founders Keith and Carolyn van der Meulen Meet our founders, Keith and Carolyn van der Meulen, with some of the first bikes we recieved at Foster Bikes!